Organism Genotyping

Sniper sequencing is a novel approach developed by GenArrayion that gathers micro-sequencing fingerprints of newly emerging or poorly characterized infectious disease agents.  These "fingerprints" can then be utilized in customizable assays in a wide range of diagnostic platforms. With additional genetic bioinformatic analysis, sniper sequencing provides a clear perspective into the genetic make-up of an organism while identifying unique or similar genes present among those of the same genus, species, or strain.


  • Medical and Veterinary Diagnostics

  • Biological Defense

  • Epidemiology/Source Tracking

  • Food and Water Testing

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Vaccine Development

GenArraytion has an extensive library of molecular assays and probes for both human and animal pathogens.  Our Sniper Sequencing arrays for Staphylococcus aureus and Francisella tularensis demonstrate the fidelity of the approach.  Real-time PCR assays and bead-based end point assays developed using probes from our library have high specificity and sensitivity.