MultiFLEX Bioassay

GenArraytion’s  MultiFLEX Bioassays provide a significant advance in multiplexing flexibility.  Our slogan, Your Platform, Your Targets, Your Fluors, No Ceiling , sums it up.  You are no longer limited to pre-defined panels of targets in a single reaction tube.

 MultiFLEX Bioassays for clinically relevant pathogens and biothreat agents have up to twenty DNA and/or RNA targets in a single assay panel that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.  The assays work on real-time PCR and bead-based end point platforms. Choose the platform, pick the target(s) and determine the fluor(s) that are right for your system.  It’s just that easy to customize for your research needs.  Is there a target you need that isn't listed?  Just give us a call.   

Make Your Own MULTIFLEX®

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