MultiFLEX Bioassay

GenArraytion’s MultiFLEX Bioassays provide a significant advance in multiplexing flexibility.  Our slogan, Your Platform, Your Targets, Your Fluors, No Ceiling™ , sums it up.  You are no longer limited to pre-defined panels of targets in a single reaction tube.

 MultiFLEX Bioassays for clinical pathogens, tick- and mosquito-borne pathogens, food- and water-borne pathogens and biothreat agents have up to thirty DNA and/or RNA targets in a single assay panel that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs.  The assays work on real-time PCR and bead-base platforms. Choose the platform, pick the target(s) and determine the fluor(s) that are right for your system.  It’s just that easy to customize.  Is there a target you need that isn't listed?  Just give us a call at (703) 298-3720.   

Make Your Own MULTIFLEX®

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