GenArraytion, Inc. and Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems Announce Manufacturing License Agreement in Support of the Joint Biological Tactical Detection System (JBTDS)


July 16, 2015

Rockville, MD – GenArraytion, Inc., is pleased to announce a manufacturing license agreement with Chemring Detection Systems, Inc. (“CDS”), a subsidiary of Chemring Sensors & Electronic Systems (CSES) and part of Chemring Group PLC (“Chemring”), in support of the development of the Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Athina Consumable Cartridge product. GenArraytion will provide a highly multiplexed molecular assay panel on Luminex magnetic beads that will detect multiple biological warfare agents in a single reaction as part of the Athina Consumable Cartridge solution. 

CDS was awarded a $14,934,533 cost-plus-incentive-fee incrementally funded JBTDS contract with options last month.  The Athina product technology is the basis for the awarded JBTDS solution. Fiscal year 2015 research, development, testing and evaluation funds in the amount of $4,456,639 were obligated at the time of the award.  CSES was granted the contract after an evaluation and selection process that began in early 2014.

JBTDS provides the first stage of tactical biological aerosol point detection, collection and identification capability for US Joint Forces requiring COTS and near-COTS solutions.  Program elements include completion of development, testing, logistics, and data delivery with options for Low Rate Initial/Full Rate Production and field support.  JBTDS systems will be fielded to the US Marines, Army, Navy and Special Operations Forces.  Production options, if awarded, will be performed at CSES’ Charlotte, North Carolina facility, with estimated completion in August 2020.

CDS offers various exportable solutions to detect and identify chemical, biological and explosive threats. In addition to being a worldwide provider of point detection capability for biological, chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemical and explosives trace detection, CDS also provides standoff detection for chemical and explosive threats. For more information about Chemring Detection Systems, please go to:

Chemring is a market-leading manufacturer supplying high-technology electronics and energetic products to over sixty countries around the world.  Chemring has a diverse portfolio of products that predominantly protect military personnel and platforms, providing insurance against a constantly changing threat.  Products range from countermeasures to protect aircraft, to ground penetrating radar that protect troops and vehicles from improvised explosive devices.  For more information about Chemring, please go to:

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Based in Rockville, MD, GenArraytion, Inc. is a privately held, Veteran owned, small business dedicated to the development and commercialization of multiplexed molecular assays for infectious diseases.  GenArraytion is dedicated to improving healthcare through the development and distribution of treatment-guiding molecular assays on a variety of platforms.  GenArraytion develops molecular assays for biodefense applications, infectious disease markets, environmental and forensic applications, and veterinary markets.  For more information, visit

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