GenArraytion Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turn around time on shipment of MultiFLEX BioAssays®?

MultiFLEX BioAssays can be shipped to you in as little as 3 business days. Manufacturing times may vary based on target availability. 

What is the turn around time for GenArraytion assay development?

GenArraytion’s novel methods allow for rapid assay development, in as little as three weeks. Turn around time is dependent on the complexity of the assay being developed and the genomic targets.

What quality controls do you employ in your manufacturing laboratory?

For every assay batch, the primer pair and probe for each target is tested individually to ensure product amplification and detection and in multiplex to ensure target specificity.  Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is our primary oligonucleotide supplier. Their quality control process for each custom synthesis can be found here.

How sensitive are your assays?

Sensitivity is a function of sample integrity and complexity, sample preparation, target(s) and PCR platform.  Our MultiFLEX Bioassays routinely achieve detection of less than ten genomic copies in singleplex or multiplex.  Your results may vary.