GenArraytion Inc. is a veteran-owned small business offering products and services for medical diagnostics, including tick- and mosquito-borne disease and surveillance, epidemiology and source tracking, food and water testing, biodefense and environmental monitoring.  Our MultiFLEX Bioassays and Sniper Sequencing genotyping services provide rapid, specific infectious disease assays that can improve infection disease response and treatment.  GenArraytion has developed real-time multiplexed real-time PCR assays, multiplexed bead-based assays and custom microarrays for simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens and antimicrobial characterization of clinically relevant pathogens.  GenArraytion is actively registered in the CCR database and is ORCA certified.


R. Paul Schaudies, Ph.D.

Dr. R. Paul Schaudies is the CEO and co-founder of GenArraytion, Inc. and an internationally recognized expert in biodefense, biotechnology and nanotechnology. He has served on over a dozen National Research Council committees as well as advisory committees for many US Government agencies including DARPA and DOE. Dr. Schaudies was a primary science advisor to the EPA On-Scene Coordinator, the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate and House of Representatives and Incident Commander of the 2001 anthrax incident in Washington, DC. As a US Army Officer, he supported the United Nations as an UNSCOM inspector in Iraq. Dr. Schaudies has over 25 years of experience as a corporate management executive. He was an AVP and Division Manager for Biological and Chemical Defense at Science Applications International Corporation for 9 years.  He spent 13 years as an active duty US Army officer and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAR. Dr. Schaudies was the Program Manager for Biological and Chemical Defense Research in the Central MASINT Office at the Defense Intelligence Agency, and a Senior Researcher at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.


 Doreen Robinson, Ph.D.

Dr. Doreen Robinson is the COO of GenArraytion, Inc. and a biomedical research professional with expertise in strategic planning, management and technical consulting  in government, academic and commercial sectors. She has experience as an academic research administrator and served as a Contract Scientific Review Officer for the NIH Center for Scientific Review. Dr. Robinson was a founding member of SAIC's Biological and Chemical Defense Division where she played a key role on contracts with more than a dozen US Government agencies including DOD, DARPA, DHS, DOE and EPA. Prior to joining SAIC, she served as an Intelligence Officer in the US Government and provided strategic planning and technical support to the National Intelligence Director's Nonproliferation Center. She was a technical consultant to the EPA on-scene Coordinator and the Incident Commander at the 2001 anthrax incident in Washington DC. Dr. Robinson has a broad scientific background in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, immunology and microbiology.