Assay Development

Using our novel scientific approach, GenArraytion has an exceptional ability to rapidly develop assays for the detection and identification of organisms of interest.  Our team of research scientists has vast experience designing, testing, and optimizing nucleic acid assays on a variety of different platforms.  Our methods of assay development have proven to translate to all instruments without a degradation in quality of the finished product.

Instruments in which our professionals have used to develop assays in the past include:

  • Cepheid SmartCycler I/II
  • ABI 7700/7500
  • Luminex MAGPIX® 
  • Luminex LX-200™

We are continually expanding our technological and bioinformatic capabilities in order to best serve our clients and their research needs.  For contract inquiries, please dial (240) 453-9064 or email us at