Assay Development Team for the Global Biosurveillance Technology Initiative (GBTI) and the Joint Biological Tactical Detection System (JBTDS)

GenArraytion™ Inc MultiFLEX Bioassays

GenArraytion MultiFLEX Bioassays are readily configurable, highly specific and sensitive multiplex PCR assays ready for use in real-time and bead-based end point platforms.  MultiFLEX Bioassays are developed for clinical pathogens and veterinary disease agents as well as food or water-borne pathogens and biological threats.  All primer and probe sets in a panel work well together.  A MultiFLEX Bioassay can be designed with one or more primer sets and fluorescent probes (real time PCR) or capture oligonucleotides (bead-based assay).  Our motto is, “Your platform, your targets, your fluors, no ceiling ”. 


Company NEWS

GenArraytion has officially partnered with Luminex Corp to send our MultiFLEX™ Mosquito Borne Panel to Sao Paulo University, Brazil for evaluation with clinical samples!  View the press release here.

Zika Virus Assay Detection - GenArraytion Introduces First Commercially Available Test to Identify Zika Virus and Other Mosquito-borne Pathogens.  Click here to read the full press release.  The results of this groundbreaking test are shown here.  Let's save the world one assay at a time!

New Products: MultiFLEX™  Bioassays for Real-Time PCR are available for purchase through the Government Scientific Source! For more information, contact us at or click below                                     

GenArraytion has been nominated by the Tech Council of Maryland for Emerging Company of the Year in the category of Life Sciences!  More information on the Tech Council of Maryland's Industry Awards Celebration can be found here.

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GenArraytion CEO Dr. Paul Schaudies talks Zika eradication on NBC

GenArraytion CEO Dr. Paul Schaudies talks Zika eradication on NBC

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Biodefense World Summit 2016, Baltimore MD, June 27-30


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April 2016

MultiFLEX™ Antibiotic Resistance Panel under development